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Become a pilot! Immerse in WW1 aerial combat like never before in a captivating VR experience. Be a pilot during the Great War in Warplanes: WW1 Fighters. No matter whether you prefer arcade games or flight simulators – a variety of options will let you adjust the game to your preferences.


  • Amazing graphics and performance on Oculus Quest 1 & 2.
  • Fully customizable flight models – from arcade to simulation based on aerodynamics.
  • Additional options affecting gameplay – enabling manual takeoffs and landing, aggressive AI, disabling of HUD and more.
  • Two campaigns with hundreds of missions set in diverse locations, seasons and time of day.
  • Intuitive and immersive controls designed especially for VR.
  • 14 playable planes – from light scout planes to bombers.

Steering designed to fully utilize Oculus Quest controllers. Grab the yoke and feel how smoothly you can control the machine. Enjoy a full hands-on experience – punch the switch for faster machine gun reloading, or take the flare pistol in your hand and shoot barrage balloons, or take a bomb and toss it onto ground targets. Detailed cockpits and plane models will help you immerse and feel like a pioneer of aviation like never before.

Choose a mode adjusted to your preferences and skill. From light and relaxing Leisure mode, through Realistic, where the flight model is based on aerodynamics. If you are looking for a challenge, try a Real War where all secondary forces and effects are calculated, you have to manually take off and land, planes get realistic damages affecting flight, A.I. is more  cunning and aggressive and all HUD elements are disabled.

Two campaigns for Central Powers and Triple Entente let you experience all major fronts of World War I – you’ll fly above diverse landscapes that participated in the conflict in various types of missions. Face-off against enemy fighters and bombers, bomb strategic ground targets, destroy naval forces, protect your base and cities from the bombing raids.

Build a squadron, switch between planes to utilize maximum potential of each machine – fast and well armored Junkers D.II is a perfect choice to fight bombers, while highly manoeuvrable Fokker Dr. I is designed for efficient dogfight. Airco DH.2 with its wide-open cockpit will guarantee a unique and immersive flight experience.

Buy and upgrade your planes with in-game currency earned during missions. Your command will also reward you with medals – thanks to them you’ll be able to increase mission rewards, as well as  manage your planes and crew more efficiently.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Full.apk 206 MB

Download demo

com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Demo.apk 206 MB

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Ce jeux est carrément génial ! je ne comprend pas pourquoi il ne figure pas sur le oculus store . En tout cas , Pour moi , c'est le meilleur jeux  du catalogue ' oculus Quest 2 . Bravo aux developpeurs !  

totalement en accord!!

I bought the full game and no it won't let me play and says that I'm in the demo

I am not a dev but I would like to help.   This usually happens when the user did not install the final build.   The way to get the version you bought is to download the latest build from here on itch.io and just install on top of demo/existing build using sidequest. 

If you click on the latest development log above (version 1.1, the one that says "Multiplayer open beta..."), there will be a link to a “manual” which I believe will detail exactly how to install the game.  Good luck and let us know if you are still having issues, we will get you up and running!

I'm trying to find the Warplanes .exe so I can add it to the Oculus Tray Tool.  Where do I find it?    Looked in Sidequest folder & all Oculus folders.  Thanks

Hi.  Not a warplanes dev but I’m curious. This is a native Quest game so how does the oculus tray tool come in handy?  You aren’t using link here? (I’m not all knowing on oculus tray tool so truthfully want to know if this leads to a better experience)

Yes, I'm using the Link cable.  TBH I'm not sure if it's a better experience for all native games.  But Vader Immortal shows in the OTT and I can adjust SS and ASW etc.  Still new to VR so I'm still playing with different settings

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So you are running the steam vr beta version?

I’m a little confused.  If you are running the oculus quest 2 version sold here there is no link used it’s run natively.  If you are running the steam Vr version then not sure how the tool is used for steam VR games.  I do know that a lot of people are reporting issues using link since oculus quest update v25, and there are issues with v26 too 

Vader immortal of course is cross buy so buying the quest or rift version on the oculus store and you get the other for free .   but that doesn’t apply to steam vr games so If you are not running the steam VR beta then you don’t need to be connected to the pc to play this game only to install it via sidequest. Once that is done you just play it from the “unknown sources” section 

I have to go in Virual Desktop and launch Sidequest, then I go to apps in Sidequest and launch from there.  I have show hidden / unknown sources checked but still have to go thru sidequest to launch.  The game does not show up in Oculus.  I have developer mode, Beta etc .

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that is not how it works. It looks like You do not have sidequesr installed properly then .  Can you install and run other sidequest games?


Use the native version. Works perfectly.

So. I adore this game. Lately its been mostly what I play for single player experiences. I hope soon more people update, or take interest in the multiplayer. I want to test my wings!

Also I usually wouldn't be so brazen. But you guys work so fast and take input so well, any chance maybe we could see some strafing of frontlines or trenches?

Just a thought, but I think that'd be a treat :3.
Probably one of, if not the highest quality unofficial title so far. Am VERY VERY Excited to see a Steam version. Hoping it will have crossplay!

I bought my headset on the strength of this game alone and I haven't been disappointed. It's really really good. I just love everything about it from the colours and textures right through to playability.  Would love to see  WW2 version in the future. Great work by the developers.

A WW2 version would be dope! Though I think the whole thing lends itself very well to the open cockpits. 

You’re absolutely right about the open cockpits but just imagine sitting at the controls of a Hurricane. 👍😀


I was thinking a B-17 Fly Fortress! All those gunner positions and the claustrophobic feeling!
And as long as we're dreaming, being able to play Co-Op within a single bomber, would be doooope.

Latency would be a major issue, but imagine if you were the pilot and me and 3 others were gunners on an intense bombing run.  XD
But lets let them perfect this one first, cause it seems like they're willing to do a lot more (Even though they could probably stop here and be justified) :P

Only been playing this a few days now. Not really been affected by motion sickness but i eat ginger and take supplements every day so that may be why. We need more people playing it on MP. I am in UK Europe and have only found 1 other player so far to dog fight with.

I've found zero.
I'm in the US so my latency could be crap. But i'd be down to direct play!

I'd have to get in touch though. 

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Never mind, I must have purchased it some other way, following the sidequest 'My library' finds it fine. Thanks !!  Oo

I am having a blast with this game. I thought about waiting for it to come to steam but I decided to buy here and if I llove it, which I do, I'll get it again on steam. it is a blast. 

When I pick my side and was sitting in the cockpit of an airco, I was just so dam excited they even put in the moveable gun.


As you purchased it on itch.io you will get your steam version for free.

Hello great game tried the demo, but really feeling the motion sickness. Any plans to work 90hz into the mix in order to combat this? Not to nit-pick...I.really don't ever get motion sick, so o thought I'd ask as others may be affected as well. Keep up the good work!

Per the dev logs, it is already 90hz on the quest 2.  If you are feeling motion sickness, it’s likely not the hz, its the fact you are in a plane going through all kinds of motion.  Until you are used to it, ensure you stick with the first two difficulties as they don’t allow loops and inverted flying (which should be easier on you).  As well, there are some really cool comfort options to help those with motion sickness issues, however I’m not sure if it’s in the demo.  Go ahead and have a look in the options. If it is there, I’m not certain if it’s as advanced as the current build (the previous version just made your POV smaller within a box, now it’s more dynamic).

Hope this helps


All comfort options are in the demo version. 

Multiplayer is also included in the demo version. 

90hz is implemented on Quest2 during the missions. In the base it is 72 hz but resolution is boosted to help with texts and pictures on the table.

thanks for the confirmation!

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Multiplayer is in the demo?  This needs to be communicated!  Reddit wise, I’m on it!

yes...thanks for the info! I will check out the settings

You can try looking at the point you are turning towards. I know this can be complicated in a dog fight. I know in real flying I had to do that til;l I got use to the motion with my head turning.

nice..thx for the tip. Will definitely give it a try

Try getting some Ginger supplements. I take them daily and can play on this game for hrs with no nausea. Must be them helping as i am an occasional player when it comes to VR. By that i mean i can play it a lot then just not bother for weeks on end and i do not get nausea when i return to it.

Arena should be pretty easy to handle, because it doesn't allow overly dizzying stunts. But I'd say try some comfort options.
Also It goes without saying to play it sitting down in a comfy chair and try resetting your position in the cockpit until its comfortable visually.
But it can be disorienting for sure. 

Just been reading about upcoming plans for this excellent game and the recommendation to to get HNG cloud save account. I can't seem to to be able to find a page where I can register?  When I Google it I just get the instructions about entering a promo code!  I know its there somewhere!!

You register within the game, it will be one of the tabs on the initial “book” you see


Hello, I have purchased and downloaded this game mid of January. Great game and I had lots of fun. Since a couple of days, this game was not starting anymore (just the entry logo of "Home-Net_Games"). Besides this, I have tried to update the game as well. Not sure, if updates are for free or need to buy individually as I was not able to download the updates. In order to play again, I had to delete the origin game with all my progress (4 weeks of hard fighting) was lost....but I will start again as a "Rockie". Anyway, could you please explain to me how to install updates (I know that the process is the same as installing the game, but I cannot). Thank you and keep on doing the great job....

I am not a dev but Want to help.  I’m trying to understand what you mean by “tried to Update”.  There is no update feature. The way to do it is you redownload the latest build and just install on top using sidequest.  If you click on the latest development log above (version 1.1), there will be a link to a “manual” which I believe will detail exactly how to install the game.  Good luck!

Hi, thank you for your help. I thought I can just add the update to the existing game by just downloading the "update", but now I know the procedure. After I have tried to download an update, I could not reopen my game and I was not sure about the reasons. Now everything is working well again. Thank you 



We are sorry for your problem. Please reboot your headset. Please download and install the game again. When you purchased the game once all updates will be free.

As for lost savegame:

- from current version you can save your progress on the Cloud Save - so it will be save and can be shared between devices.

- contact our support on. www.homenetgames.com/support

and we will send you ingame money via gift code so you can repurchase an reupgrade all your lost planes.

Thank you for your fast feedback. Game is working again including all updates. Great job.

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 Cant Download or Install this game. Payed for it confirmed email clicked on download link downloaded  a Firefox file?  Click it and loads into a blank page. Same when I try IE... please help

I am not with the company but have you downloaded it from your itch.io account here?  IE: to the top right of this page it should show your account. Click on the little drop down arrow and select "my library". Then you should see Warplanes listed and a "download" button located under it. Click on that download and it should bring you to a download page when you can then click on "download" to actually download the file.  The file should be named: com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Full.apk .  If you are getting something else, ensure you don't have some kind of ad blocker or anything that could prevent the download of a file.  As well, check to see if .apk are somehow associated to try and run something.  Anyway once downloaded (assuming it works) use sidequest to install it, per their instructions located at the top of this page.  Good luck!  If you still have issues, I guess contact the itch.io tech support to see if they can assist.  FYI I just tried it and it works fine here, downloads no problemo

Wow, Put a lot of effort trying to teach people who have no idea what they are doing. 

Your effort should be commended. 

I've done that alot too on other games. Takes a lot of patience

Thanks for the compliment.  before I retired, I used to work in client services so I can’t shake off that mentality lol.  If you think I was thorough there you should have seen me within the visual pinball community back in the day lol

sincerity I just hope this helps. This is a great game , the devs have earned the support and if it’s not a hit it’s a crying shame 


Upcoming update notes say that you would love us to test the beta for MP. How would one do that?

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Download the nevest version. In the base choose multiplayer icon (left table ivon with 2 planes at the bottom). Sesrch or create a session and play. 

Those are early days so not many players are available. It is best to setup multiplayer with your friend. 

Gsme has 6 servers around the world so you should check if you snd your friend are on the same server.

When in game make sure that your radio is on an mic is on. (Radio is a 3d object in your cockpit).

I've been playing this game a lot no complaints there are little to no bugs this game is just amazing and really immerses me into war when doing the realistic mode on the game, also one question do you think any other VR games are coming out? such as ww2?


Brilliant game, also on Quest 1. This is the only game (VR and non-VR) I've been playing since I bought it. :) So much fun to zoom around in these old planes dog-fighting with other planes, shooting down bombers and blimps/zeppelins, bombing different sea and ground targets etc. For me this is actually more fun than the Star Wars Squadrons VR game that has a lot of similar game play elements, but with high tech  weapons and spaceships in space. 

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Brilliant game on both quest 1 & 2 vaired mission what more could you ask for,  a mission flying a zepplin to bomb London would be pretty funky..

Free flight mode flying between air fileds could be good to add.

I love this game, it's the game I play the most on my Quest 2 at the moment! The visuals are stunning and the game play is great!

I have one small issue: I am flying in Simulation-mode and sometimes when I am flying straight up, it seams that my airspeed goes down to zero, but I am not stalling, but just "hanging" in the sky. I can remedy the problem by increasing the the throttle, but I think the airplane should stall in this situation.


Hi Zetar

Since last week we have redone flying simulation physics. It will not happen in the next version. Planes will stall, lose momentum during tight maneuvers and behave like real planes. 


This game is Totally AWESOME.  I love WWI Combat games and this game is capturing that experience in full.  I remember games like Wings and Knights of the Sky, and I've always dreamed of seeing those games the way that Warplanes does.   I look forward for future updates, but so far, it's truly AMAZING.  Love it.  I cannot stop playing.

ahhh a fellow Amiga fan :).  Yep, same here!

hahah, I knew that would attract fellow Amigaians!!  LOL

Knights of the sky was great. I used to enjoy playing Blue Max on the C64 as well. Always had a thing for WW1 themed plane games.

Oh YEAH!!  I remember Blue Max.  I was heavily in to C-64 and Amiga.  I remember setting up Knights of the Sky and using the parallel cable to another Amiga to play against each other.   Also Wings was awesome, great campaign with a storyline.

You have a steam account or something. I'll give you a doggin!


I love the game, but on most of the missions where the primary objective is to destroy trucks, I haven't been able to find the trucks.  I've searched all along the roads, both immediately at the beginning of the mission, and after destroying enemy fighters, and the trucks do not seem to be spawned.  I'm not sure if there's a problem or if I just don't know how to play.  Should I be looking in the forests?

I am really enjoying playing in 'real war' mode ... though for now I am happy that I cannot accidentally shoot down my own comrades' planes, since I don't know how to tell them apart!  I would suggest that in real war mode, instead of showing how to lock targets on the clipboard (since this is not applicable), that the clipboard provide a set of illustrations and names of enemy (and possibly friendly) planes.

Thanks for all the fantastic work on this project.  Looking forward to some of the features I've been reading about in these comments!


When a mission objective is to destroy trucks -they are hiding in the forest or sitting on a field. 

When a mission objective is to destroy a convoy - then they are on the road. 

The Real war mode on the missions with bombers assist is problematic. We will try to solve this issue. 


Trucks are usually in the woods, they are harder to find due to being an amber coloured target.

After updating to 1.0, the game has froze 3 times in the middle of a mission.  only thing that works is machine gun. 


have you tried a full shutdown?  It's happened on occasion that I've had frame rate issues (not with this game, just in general) and a reboot resolved the issues

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with the new update, i cannot control pitch with thumbstick but only yaw, please bring back the old thumbstick controls

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Pitch and yaw on thumbstick work in Arcade mode. In realistic and simulation modes thumbstick controls the rudder. Arielions and the elevator are controlled by grabbing the stick.

In the next version we will add options to customize controls.

Black and Redout effects would be great

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After playing the demo it was clear that I would buy the game.
a very big THANK YOU to the developers and many thanks for this great VR experience.
What I would still wish for were wind noises in the cockpit and that you would have to fly to the mission destination after take-off and then fly back to the airport.

I agree

Thanks for yet again another update! I haven't installed it yet but looking forward to it having completed both Campaigns so far and enjoyed every minute of it. I have a few of your other games are there any more coming over to VR anytime soon or any in the pipeline? 

Yes ;)

yeah that WW2 is looking mighty fine in the future :)

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Awesome, big fan.. 

Shared and promoted the game on our OC2 Facebook page since launch :) 

Thank you :)

Looking Good Great Job :)



I really enjoy this game, tried it when I first heard of it almost 2 weeks ago and immediately decided to buy it

There's just one thing that I don't like and I guess it somewhat classifies as a bug. Noticed it right from the beginning, but I thought it was something related to the arcade controls before discovering the more in-depth sim modes. When turning and looking up to follow a bandit, I often saw myself racing towards the ground suddenly. That was in the 0.8 demo with the Fokker D.VIII. Now when I bought the game, it was at 0.83 already and I chose to fly for the Entente to try out some other planes and didn't encounter that issue in the D.H. 2 - until now, where I've upgraded to the M.1 (the one with two guns), where it is even more apparent than in the D.VIII. But then, I suddenly noticed what's actually going on there. When you center yourself, you'll easily get the whole room for stick movement right above your lap. But as soon as you tilt your head up to follow a bandit in some BFM, you literally hit some kind of restrictive boundary that moves you further forward the more you look up, which then, of course, results in repositioning of the controls as well which makes it almost impossible to turn at all in the Bristol, but also makes the thing tuck some negative Gs if you're unaware of the position shift. So most probably, increasing the room you can move in without repositioning yourself or even just disabling it altogether. remember, we're supposed to sit in a spot, and it's an arcade game after all. If someone does want to sit on his wings, why not just let him? XD
I don't know if 0.9 might have fixed that already, I'm just about to try it out, but kinda expecting my progress getting a reset by updating...

By the way, and I hope that's OK, while writing this up, I'll drop some suggestions / other things I noticed:
- In "Full Real" flight physics, I expect the planes to turn when you bank - that doesn't happen (as of 0.83), but it should. Having to use the rudder isn't a problem, but actually needing it to turn unless you pull back is weird
- The engine sound should reflect your throttle / power setting. I noticed it depends on your speed instead and you won't hear power changes until the speed does change as  a result.
- I'd love to see some iron gunsight on the D.H.2's Lewis gun. I've been flying Rise of Flight in the past that has it and it would help aiming a lot when leaning forward/down a bit. I mean, other guns like the Vickers and Spandaus do have their iron sights as well.
- I was almost going to suggest take offs and landings, but already read that you're going to add this, which is absolutely awesome! While you're at it, you might consider adding the blip switch (on A button / X for left handed) for rotary engines  as well as it's a vital part for those on rotary-engined planes. Having some kind of on/off switch for the engine should be mandatory as well.
- With take offs and landings in mind, It'd be great to have an option to do a free flight without enemy planes, but maybe some gound targets for practice and familiarization, not counting to the rewards though.
- Please let us quit the missions ourselves, but keep the voice cue telling us that we're done.
- While adding some realism things, having limited gun ammo also comes to mind, and manual reloading the Lewis gun with the spare mags placed in the cockpit similar to the bombs (just take the right side then). The timer on the guns should make them jam instead (by some probability, so it's not always the same) - as I never had to smack my guns yet, even though I like the fact you can.

Thank you for making such a great game! BTW, it kinda reminds me of Wings back in the day on the Amiga... :)


I see someone reference to Wings and the Amiga and I therefore need to upvote and comment!  Welcome brother!

Quite a detailed post. I’ve not had any issues with seating myself at all, maybe it is only in specific situations or how we look around.  Maybe when some look up and left, they also twist their bodies and don’t come back to the same exact position. I know personally it seems to work properly but as you mention, maybe it is dépendant on certain planes

- What would be the point of the blip switch / turning off/on the engines?

- Good point on the engine throttling sound!

- The devs have mentioned about the guns jamming and the reloading mechanism. To me, it seems they are one and the same but I do think there should be a difference and I like your suggestion of random gun Jams. They should sound different than the regular “it’s faster to hit the gun to reload”. I think it’s a good idea to reload as you suggest, just not sure if the devs can fit yet another pouch to store the Ammo clips.  The problem is also that I think not all guns had the same loading of the gun ammo so how do they make the experience similar between planes?  Great ideas though, maybe they can come up with something 

- You can install updates right on top of your existing installation and not lose your progress. Just do NOT uninstall first and you will be ok

- I suspect the reason why they do not allow the missions to continue once the primary objectives are completed is because theoretically you could continue in infinity. Just a guess but this is probably because there is no limit to the spawning of the enemy fighters.

- My own recommendations:

- Add an option that when we get shot, we fly ALL the way down. One thing I liked on the Amiga’s Wings is that we could get shot down and survive (I don’t remember, I think it factored in time wasted as a negative Consequence?).  But sometimes we’d die right in the cockpit, I remember the head of the pilot leaned over with blood LOL.  Anyway we cant have this here, we are the pilot eheh 

however an advanced campaign mode could!  There could still be a consequence to surviving: you lose your plane but you keep your stats, abilities/medals!  The consequence to death is you reload the previous mission but at the cost of having lost your medals/perks.  This would be a good way to incorporate the ability to land and take off. A Successful landing on a crippled plane (ie: wing damage) has benefits compared to the semi-perma death of just plain dying


We fixed the issue with looking up in version 0.9. 

In version 1.0 you may take off, make a free flight to feel the plane and admire your base, and land again without going to the mission. Just keep altitude below 1km. This should constitute a free flight. 

Planes don't turn when you bank - actually, they turn a little in the opposite direction - which I know as adverse yaw - and it is correctly implemented. We have professional pilots helping us with the physics and feelings of flight. And yes it may be strange at the beginning.

Sightings on the Levis gun will be added in version 1.1 as we will add new planes with gunner sit.

Thanks! I already updated to 0.9 and can confirm the improvement. There's still a limit, but it only moves the cockpit position when leaning far back - which could happen if I sit upright in a reclined armchair and then lean back in order to see farther up. But definately a lot better now.

As for the adverse yaw - I know about that (having flown the Gotha G.V in RoF which has LOTS of that) and I'm happy you simulate it. What I expect is that when having a bank angle the lift vector tilts with it. When I roll my plane 90° to the left for example, it does adverse yaw a bit to the right correctly, but when leaving the stick untouched with that attitude, the plane still stays on course in a knife edge flight without me having to push the stick forward. The lift that's now vectored towards the horizon should make the plane turn with a centered stick and also drop its nose down unless you apply right rudder.

I absolutely appreciate you guys keep adding more content.

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when flying banked 90 degrees plane is being dragged side by lift and down by gravity - this is simulated and you can check it by flying close to the ground.

However, I forgot about slight changes in rotation. Thas for pointing it out. I just implemented it. 

Thanks for the help, and hope to see you soon in a multiplayer flight :)

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Great ideas man👍

Totally agree. 

I purchased the full game and I love the gameplay, graphics etc.
But in my case it makes me sick when I'm not carefull.
This will not happen with everyone.
I'm very sensitive with motion sickness.
To avoid motion sickness as much as posible I try to avoid making fast left or richt turns.
But sometimes you need to do it to attack your enemy.
If for example I need to make a fast turn I close my eyes while turning.
Also I avoid playing to long.

For me it is quite the same. I have no problems with VR flight simulations like Ultrawings. But with Warplanes, all the micro-stuttering makes me feel very sick. Unfortunately, it seems like the framerate keeps dropping on the Oculus Quest 2. The nausea seems to come more from the stuttering, not the flying itself.

Hi.  I’m just a fan, not a dev but I wanted to say I have not noticed any micro stutters on the Quest 2 here, at least very many (the only drop I’ve noticed is in the missions when you need to bomb the refinery / town).  Have you tried a full shutdown and restart on your quest 2?  I know in the past if I’ve had issues with performances, that usually does the trick.

Have you tried the comfort settings which narrow your field of view?  I know this is not a great solution to many, who wants a more narrow FOV?  But at least the option is there for those that needs the assistance

Devs:  I would recommend you experiment with the comfort setting.  Maybe have an option where it kicks in only when there are larger movements like heavy banking, etc.  As well, perhaps a less harsh edge to the comfort zone so that it feels more like a natural smaller FOV?

(1 edit)

Thanks for this suggestion. 

We implemented a smooth edge of the comfort zone and dynamic comfort zone - kicking in during faster maneuvers. Controlled by the second slider in the settings.

It will be available in the next update.

Purchased full game but still says demo version

You need to download the full apk from itch.io and install it.

Here are the instructions:


I figured it out.  Thanks.  Just want to say I am a big combat flight sim fan, been playing most of the WW2 sims for years.  I am really impressed with what you have done with WARPLANES.   Thanks for your efforts

i cant instal the apk to my hard drive  , do you know how to fix this problem

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Hi! What do you mean hard drive? You are just downloading APK from itch.io, you don't have to install APK on your PC's hard drive. Use SideQuest PC app to upload it to your Oculus Quest. Please follow the manual: https://www.homenetgames.com/warplanes-ww1-fighters/article/warplanes-ww1-fighte...

I bought the full version for my Q2 and I love the game but unfortunately if has crashed twice.  I will withhold judgement until I have verified this is a real issue. 

(1 edit)


This is the first report about game crash since the initial release. 

Please restart your headset and reinstall apk. 

If problem exist please contact us. We are here to help. 

I have had one crash since I been playing (50ish + missions in!), it was in the latest update (9.0 Central Powers) when painting the plan / moving the view around. Apart from that its been good.

Ok I purchased this by starting on sidequest got the initial release on my quest but never had an itch.io account.  How do I get the updates?  

the game is available to purchase on itch.io do create an account there and you just redownlowd the game apk every time there is an update.  There are instructions on this page on how to install it using sidequest (easy peachy)

are you planning on adding multiplayer?

read the 0.8.3 development log for an update on multiplayer possibility 

Yes we are already working on it.  Exact dates will be published soon.

wow, fantastic to hear!

Never mind think I found it.  Below start button.

Guess I'm flying in  lesuare mode  how do I change to realistic? 

Can't do a loop anymore with latest update, how come

On the mission briefing screen press arrows at the bottom and change game mode to realistic or simulation. 


Brilliant game tried the demo bought the full game and love it, I have made a short reviews video on the demo, why did I do a short review simple now days people seem to want a quick overview, dont expect much I dont have many subs but as they say every little helps.

Being a neophyte to VR and transitioning from OCULUS to HP's Reverb G2, will this play well on the HP?


It will when we release it on Steam.

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Wow it was really easy at the start but now 10 missions in on both campaigns and I just cant seem to do anything.. its sooo HARD!!

What difficulty are you playing at?


Realistic but reduced to casual now to move on some shape..

that was going to be my suggestion lol. I need to play further in the campaign. So far I have noticed that if we are playing with advanced flight physics, the AI seems to not also play at that same level. What I mean is I don’t see them inverted, doing loops, etc.  It would be good if the AI would also be elevated and have the same advantages.  I would lose my shit it I saw the AI do an Immelmann maneuver.  in saying that , suggesting this might motivate you to have me barred from posting here if you already find it too difficult eheh 

At the moment for me I find the difficulty just right where I need a few retries to complete the mission.  So I would maybe regret this suggestion too lol

Superb! Another comment from me. Love the game. Played through the german campaign on real war mode. Its great. Tips for developer:

1. Game is too easy even on real war mode :).
Mainly because:
a) the flight model is too forgiving. The speed loss in maneuvres is almost none. The stall is almost not any problem. In deep stall 90 degrees up I can still shoot down bombers etc. The loss of altitude must be way more and the recovery should be more difficult (Just nose down and throttle up should do it but it must take a few seconds with altitude loss and making shooting or staying in the same position almost impossible).

b) Respawn point of enemy is always at the same point. So bombers are waaaay to easy to eliminate. 

c) Fighters should defend the bombers. They just fly around but aren't defending them at all. So all defend base/convoy missions are the same. Take out the bombers. They respawn. Shoot em down easily. Then take on fighters. Mission done. Just let the fighters defend more or be more aggressive please. 

2. To build in a campaign mission / conquer mode would be awesome. This can take over 100 missions to conquer whole europe map. So please add in a conquer mode in which you select an area and this is devided in provinces or parts you can select. This is the mission you must do. If succesfull you conquer that province/part. For each province you can do scipted missions (instead of random which is nice b.t.w). The missions are already there but if you just add a little bit more flavor lets say, this would greatly help to have a big goal (conquer europa fore german/english campaing too) instead of playing 50+ missions and have the campaign completed since there are no more medals to gain. After this its infinit mode (nice b.t.w. but can be made without too much effort in something more lasting etc. ).

3. Maybe you can also buy AA etc. for you own city. Especially in the conquer mode. And balloons upgrade etc. Would be nice.

4. Take off and landing on your base (conquer mode) would also add flavor and immersion. Maybe even repairing plane or restock ammo. Or getting another plane in the air. 

This game is so nice but after playing over 8 hours I really think the above points would add so much more. 


Hope developer contacts me for more ideas or more detailed information for the points above. Best game on quest!!!


Hi Kunavang,

Thanks for the ideas, how to improve the game. We will implement most of them when we finish the most urgent tasks.  Take off and landings are on our list already. 

Currently, your base expands automatically as you progress. More hangars, balloons, AA artillery is added with each bought plane.

Thanks for the reply. And thanks for the new version. Now this real damage mode is sooooo nice. Now I even have to redo missions. Great work! (one nitty picky tip. Real war mode should be the utter most difficult. This is currently without damage fyi. But the select what you like option is great!). Cant wait for the implementation of the T/O & Landing. Keep up the good work. Really like it. (played with only 1 plane in real war mode but now I need back up :). The expand base is not my cup of tea. I only look at map and select mission screen. So if you ask me I wouldnt spend too much time/work on that part. (The conquer mode will do much for keeping interest in the game if you ask me.) Well good luck on making this SUPER good game even BETTER. (O and I really like the detail of the cannons and gunners on zeppelins so nice.....one tip is that some missions are way too easy like destroy zeppeling or convoy. Would be nice that those need more fighter kills if you ask me now its over under 2 minutes if you only focus on main objective (and yes 2 of those small missions will grant you a medal ...hmmm). Super game!

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