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Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is also available on Oculus Store. If you don’t want sideloading APK using SideQuest, we advise you to purchase the game directly on Oculus

Oculus Store version supports automatic updates and does not require a PC at any point. Of course the itch.io version will be supported and updated, however you’ll need to sideload each update manually.

If you purchased Warplanes: WW1 Fighters before June 11 2021 on itch.io you are eligible for a free complimentary Oculus or Steam key. Just follow the instructions on the site linked below.



Become a pilot! Immerse in WW1 aerial combat like never before in a captivating VR experience. Be a pilot during the Great War in Warplanes: WW1 Fighters. No matter whether you prefer arcade games or flight simulators – a variety of options will let you adjust the game to your preferences.


  • Amazing graphics and performance on Oculus Quest 1 & 2.
  • Fully customizable flight models – from arcade to simulation based on aerodynamics.
  • Additional options affecting gameplay – enabling manual takeoffs and landing, aggressive AI, disabling of HUD and more.
  • Two campaigns with hundreds of missions set in diverse locations, seasons and time of day.
  • Intuitive and immersive controls designed especially for VR.
  • 18 playable planes – from light scout planes to heavy bombers.

Steering designed to fully utilize Oculus Quest controllers. Grab the yoke and feel how smoothly you can control the machine. Enjoy a full hands-on experience – punch the switch for faster machine gun reloading, or take the flare pistol in your hand and shoot barrage balloons, or take a bomb and toss it onto ground targets. Detailed cockpits and plane models will help you immerse and feel like a pioneer of aviation like never before.

Choose a mode adjusted to your preferences and skill. From light and relaxing Leisure mode, through Realistic, where the flight model is based on aerodynamics. If you are looking for a challenge, try a Real War where all secondary forces and effects are calculated, you have to manually take off and land, planes get realistic damages affecting flight, A.I. is more  cunning and aggressive and all HUD elements are disabled.

Two campaigns for Central Powers and Triple Entente let you experience all major fronts of World War I – you’ll fly above diverse landscapes that participated in the conflict in various types of missions. Face-off against enemy fighters and bombers, bomb strategic ground targets, destroy naval forces, protect your base and cities from the bombing raids.

Build a squadron, switch between planes to utilize maximum potential of each machine – fast and well armored Junkers D.II is a perfect choice to fight bombers, while highly manoeuvrable Fokker Dr. I is designed for efficient dogfight. Airco DH.2 with its wide-open cockpit will guarantee a unique and immersive flight experience.

Buy and upgrade your planes with in-game currency earned during missions. Your command will also reward you with medals – thanks to them you’ll be able to increase mission rewards, as well as  manage your planes and crew more efficiently.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
AuthorHome Net Games
Tagsair-combat, Flight, Multiplayer, oculus-quest-2, planes, red-baron, Virtual Reality (VR), World War I, ww1
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsOculus Quest


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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I tried demo version this game. I downloaded. But game didn't open and my screen was fully black. Then I removed game. Could you help me? How can I solve this problem? Hi from Turkey...

when non vr ver of this game will b a thing?


Trying to organize my Quest games and was wondering if its possible to get a key for the game for App Lab if you own the game through itch?

I bought it a while ago and sideloaded it. 


Hi! Is this available not in VR? Looks really cool, but I don’t have a headset.


please update notes here on itch

Hello, why isn’t the game available for download through the Oculus App Lab?

i believe its been withdrawn for a few days while its been launched as an official oculus app.... congratulations developers..


In "Oculus Lab" and/or Steam.  If you bought via itch, then you should get a code to migratre your license to Oculus or Steam.  Then you'll get automatic updates.  Not in the Oculus Store yet, but if you search Warplanes - it should pop-up.  See "Grab your free Steam key!" blog above, as it also includes info on how to get free Oculus key.

What is the latest version number?

What was in the the new update?

Will there be any more developments for the game?

I purchased this FULL game, and it wanted an update just the other day. Now all I have is the DEMO version again.

Where can I resolve this.

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1. Launch your Quest, select app list and locate Warplanes - hover your cursor over its logo. A [...] icon i bottom right corner will appear. Select it, and select uninstall.

2. Open your apps menu, select unknown sources - if Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is present in that section too - uninstall it as well.

3. Download com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Full.apk from itch.io.

4. Launch SideQuest App on your PC and upload downloaded apk by clicking this icon

I absolutely love this game; it's heaps of fun, I'm so grateful that a game like this finally exists for VR, with such nice performance and design execution. I'm finding a weird bug though, where the cockpit position or orientation will randomly change slightly between missions. Just a few inches or degrees, but I end up shifting myself all around the room compensating for it. If there was a reset button on the other side of your hand that would be awesome, kind of like VTOLVR.. actually any kind of in game menu, or at least End Mission and Restart I feel is important. 

VTOLVR does a lot right, I highly recommend checking it out for some ideas.

The reason I've gone to the trouble of registering to post this is because in the mission I just loaded, I'm positioned a bit too high up and lowering my computer chair all the way wasn't enough, so I'm kind of forced to exit the game and restart in hopes it'll be fixed.

Anyway I'm a huge fan of WW2 flight sims like sturmovik so this is great fun, I hope the community expands for some nice co-op. 

Thank you so much for developing this game, I'm very excited to see what you do! <3


Hi. Not the dev but trying to help. What headset do you own?  This thread was for the Oculus Quest 1-2 versions, and on those devices, you can just hold down the oculus button on the controller to recenter.... but you mention VTOLVR which is a PCVR app on Steam.  Are you running the steam version?

Hey thanks for your reply man; it seems I made a mistake as I came here from a Google search and didn't notice I was on the oculus page. I actually have the game on the vive. All good anyway the developer has recently implemented exactly what I requested. I appreciate you taking the time to help. I only just noticed the notification, my bad.


no worries at all, glad your issues got sorted out!

Purchased for  the Oculus quest, as we were looking for a fun 2 player co-op to mess with and both enjoy PC flight sims (IL-2 in VR etc). 
For the price, we were not expecting much, and so we have been blown away by just how fun this is, especially in Simulator mode. 
Everything about this is so impressive for such a budget indie game, and I am now certainly going to be buying for PC VR to use HOTAS. 
My only very minor con for this game is that I wish you could take off and fly from the airfield to the engagement point, and then return to the airfield. (And vice versa). The odd fade out and back in when you take off to where the mission starts is not too annoying, but would love to just fly for a few minutes to the battle. 
Anyway a solid 9/10 for the enjoyment factor! :)

Loving this game. Love using the flare gun to destroy boats, building etc

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I have noticed a video on FB that the player was able to land. I have not come across this and have had the game from the start. Is this available in just the demo if not how do I access it in the main game?

The game is brill by the way


Hi, starting and landing are available in modes Realistic, Simulation and Real War. You can also enable them in Custom mode. 

Buttons for changing mode are below the START button on the middle board.  After selecting Custom mode, click on the  gears icon enter mode options.

Deleted post

plz put a app lab key in the downloads

Yes. Like every other developer does

If you already purchased the game on itch.io you can get your App Lab key here: https://www.homenetgames.com/keys

If you didn't make the purchase head to this address to get App Lab version:  https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3922378427824210

Help the app lab  key you send me doesn't work . 

Hi, it works. Please make sure that our Oculus app is up to date. Don't reedem it on Oculus PC app. If it still doesn't work, try reedem it here:  https://secure.oculus.com/redeem-code/

thank you ! it worked with the link.

great game, great support 

I tried the Steam version because I have Thrustmster Hotas 1.  Although when in settings  I can see it listed and can assign controls to buttons when I return to the game only the Oculus touch controls work. Is there  something I am missing  or is it that this flight stuck is incompatible??


Hi, did you by any chance connect the controllers during the game is launch? Is your controller on the combpability list? https://guavaman.com/projects/rewired/docs/SupportedControllers.html


it seems to be on the list “Thrustmaster Hotas 1 for Xbox and PC.   It was plugged in before opening the game.  It works fine with “Star Wars Squadrons and Ultrawings” so I am a bit perplexed.  I am not unhappy with using Oculus touch controllers and their implementation on this game is far better than that provided in Ultrawings.  It just would have been nice to have the option to use my flight stick on a game I am really enjoying!


Why do we have to choose between App Labs key or Steam key. Just give both. Fine game but tainted by such a stupid choice, Why? What do you get from this?

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Initially the game was available on itch.io, there was always a demo, at the beginning we never promised any keys, because App Lab wasn't announced, and we weren’t sure about the Steam version either. Game was sold “at it was” with a small roadmap and update plans.

Keys are a bonus, a “thank you gift” for our supporters. It’s not a cross-buy. Since March 11 you can make a choice of your favourite platform. If you intend to spend $15, you can check a demo on Steam or sideload a demo from SideQuest to check the performance and gameplay.

At this moment it’s like all other games on multiple storefronts – if you don’t like Steam, you purchase games on GOG or Epic.

Deleted 259 days ago

If I was going to do that I could have just got the Steam Key.  I assume you didn't read the comment from the developer and just wanted to bash a fellow gamer. Do you truly believe your own comments. As a VR gamer I can't help but think the VR industry wants to self destruct. Remember as an Itch.io purchaser I put my faith in the developer and feel I got screwed. I will eventually get the Steam version as it will inevitably will be part of a bundle and will review accordingly. 

@To the developer. I've got dozens of App Lab games.  With the exception of one other developer (which I won't name) all have operated in such a way that they respect there purchaser. Why screw over those that, if you just took a second to think, are your greatest asset.  If you didn't offer the steam key then fair enough but as it was offered but with the cavate of loosing the App Labs version then I FEEL CHEATED. As a small company you need the support of people like me. Some of the APP lab games have already pulled Itch.io downloads in order to concentrate on the APP lab version. This makes sense, for piracy concern's alone, but how long is it until you decide to stop publishing updates on Itch.io. Not really a smart move and to screw you fan base is shocking. 

I hoped that the purchase of the full version on Itch.io would keep me in good standing but my faith in such platforms has now been tainted with what I see as GREED and ANTI CUSTOMER Practices. Now I have to think twice in supporting developers such as yours. YOUR A SHAME ON THE VR COMUNITY and to push it like its to honour your loyal fan base is shocking.

I do apologies for the rant but the Industry needs to grow up. Small developers have been offered a golden opportunity. Don't screw it up, Please. I love VR gaming.


I should not have to do anything extra to download this game so my headset wants paid for it should be able to download automatically I’ve went through all of the steps and still seeing demo 

Hi, we'll help you - don't worry. Let's go through all the steps.

1. After you purchased the game on itch.io you received an email. There is a download link. Can you locate  com.HomeNetGames.WW1oculus_Full.apk on your hard drive (Downloads directory is default)?

2. Turn on and connect your Quest to PC (I assume that you've configured your SideQuest App).  Launch SideQuest app and make sure if dot in top-left corner is green. 

3. If it didn't work - try to delete the demo version from your Quest first.

4. If it didn't work contact us at office@homenetgames.com


I feel like I’ve been cheated out of my money I download war planes ww1 fighters An I’m only playing the demo this is not right an false advertising I would like a refund

The full game will be in your library on here, you have to add it manually via Sidequest. Do NOT download the demo like you did originally.


i need help only able to play demo

The full game will be in your library on here, you have to add it manually via Sidequest NOT download the demo like you did originally..

Is the Icon for co-op in the bomber just a teaser for later?
Or is that a feature I can't figure out? Lol

Hello, I can`t find the tab for register cloud save in the game. I can`t find it anymore. Somebody can help me? Thanx

Update the game, please - Cloud Save button should be visible in the main screen (where you select campaigns).

I’ve purchased the game a few days ago but can’t see any download to install it, I have a PayPal receipt but nothing else

We recomment to use recover function on itch.io: https://itch.io/support

Same question here!!!!! Send me an AppLab Key Please

"Excuse me, but as the game is already on AppLab, will we receive AppLab keys to activate already purchased game on Oculus account?"

We requested the keys, rest is in the Oculus' hands. https://homenetgames.itch.io/warplanes-ww1-fighters-vr/devlog/230341/warplanes-w...

Excuse me, but as the game is already on AppLab, will we receive AppLab keys to activate already purchased game on Oculus account? For Jigsaw 360 it was possible to send keys to already purchased game, so it is possible. Thank You.

Same question here. Planning on playing tonight with friends who are on Oculus systems

I would like to know as well. I would love to get away from having to sideload updates.

Multiplayer / co-op is cross-platform.

We don’t know at the moment. We requested Oculus for the keys and we are waiting for their response. If we get them – we’ll need some time to set up our key distribution system.  Bookmark following note for updates: https://homenetgames.itch.io/warplanes-ww1-fighters-vr/devlog/230341/warplanes-w...

Usually you can generate keys from the dashboard panel. They should have a "generate key" tab.


We did that, but they have to review our request.

Oh I see :(

Thanks for keeping us updated! Do you have a discord or any social platform you're active? I'd like to follow you for your next games too! ❤️

Yes, you are welcome: https://discord.gg/ntPmutN

it is very good game on Q2 

how can play it on Steam?

By buying it on steam. Look for the steam page on steam 😁

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6 Stars (out of 5) for this Game

Really Amazing Game. Love it. I’m not a Pilot but have played a Few Flight Sims like this through the Years on various systems. The Flying controls are Dynamite (IMO). The Plane, Enemies, Scenery, Menu Base, All of it Def makes me feel like I’m back in that Time period. I’m Fine on Roller Coasters & Such, just not a Fan of Heights (but am OK in VR). I will admit 1st time Playing (Turning really) made me Sick to My Stomach. Took 10 mins to calm it down afterwards but I played again today for a bit and again in the Afternoon and I am getting Less Bothered by it now. This initial Motion Sickness (I feel) is Overcomeable but may turn some 1st Timers off. This is the Only Hurdle I see in this Game. Congratulations & Thank You to All Involved. You have a Really Great & Awesome Game here.

UPDATE - I found the “Comfort Controls”. Just Phenomenal. I played with the settings and I think Anyone can find their Happy Place (Visually) with these settings and avoid Any Discomfort. I’d give a 6th Star to this Game. Well Worth the $. Love this Game even more now.

Played a few rounds of multiplayer yesterday and it was good.  Played a few Team deathmatches and a couple co-op games.  Getting used to the virtual controls now but HOTAS support in the future would be great.  A couple of games I was not centered in the cockpit, either to far back or forward.  1 game I had no sound and couldn't see the other player but he could see me since I had bullet holes all over my plane.  For co-op play it would be nice to see what side the host is playing so the other players can join as that side instead of having Central and Allied planes on the same side.  I did get the Steam version and for me the game runs much smoother with a bit better graphics using the Link cable using the power of my computer instead of just the Oculus Quest.  The game is a lot of fun, not hardcore like DCS or IL2.  If anyone of the players I was flying with are on this forum I would like to know if I was lagging/warping.  I am in South America and was connecting to the U.S. East server.  My screen name is the same  ChileMike.   Thanks

That is one crazy good game. Honestly, one of my favorite game on quest! I am amazed by the quality of the build. It runs so smooth and it's a beauty. I love the attention to details, the menu, the visuals, the content, the gameplay... Just grab the game it's so worth it!


Ce jeux est carrément génial ! je ne comprend pas pourquoi il ne figure pas sur le oculus store . En tout cas , Pour moi , c'est le meilleur jeux  du catalogue ' oculus Quest 2 . Bravo aux developpeurs !  

totalement en accord!!

I bought the full game and no it won't let me play and says that I'm in the demo

I am not a dev but I would like to help.   This usually happens when the user did not install the final build.   The way to get the version you bought is to download the latest build from here on itch.io and just install on top of demo/existing build using sidequest. 

If you click on the latest development log above (version 1.1, the one that says "Multiplayer open beta..."), there will be a link to a “manual” which I believe will detail exactly how to install the game.  Good luck and let us know if you are still having issues, we will get you up and running!

same thing is happening to me bro

I'm trying to find the Warplanes .exe so I can add it to the Oculus Tray Tool.  Where do I find it?    Looked in Sidequest folder & all Oculus folders.  Thanks

Hi.  Not a warplanes dev but I’m curious. This is a native Quest game so how does the oculus tray tool come in handy?  You aren’t using link here? (I’m not all knowing on oculus tray tool so truthfully want to know if this leads to a better experience)

Yes, I'm using the Link cable.  TBH I'm not sure if it's a better experience for all native games.  But Vader Immortal shows in the OTT and I can adjust SS and ASW etc.  Still new to VR so I'm still playing with different settings

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So you are running the steam vr beta version?

I’m a little confused.  If you are running the oculus quest 2 version sold here there is no link used it’s run natively.  If you are running the steam Vr version then not sure how the tool is used for steam VR games.  I do know that a lot of people are reporting issues using link since oculus quest update v25, and there are issues with v26 too 

Vader immortal of course is cross buy so buying the quest or rift version on the oculus store and you get the other for free .   but that doesn’t apply to steam vr games so If you are not running the steam VR beta then you don’t need to be connected to the pc to play this game only to install it via sidequest. Once that is done you just play it from the “unknown sources” section 

I have to go in Virual Desktop and launch Sidequest, then I go to apps in Sidequest and launch from there.  I have show hidden / unknown sources checked but still have to go thru sidequest to launch.  The game does not show up in Oculus.  I have developer mode, Beta etc .

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that is not how it works. It looks like You do not have sidequesr installed properly then .  Can you install and run other sidequest games?


Use the native version. Works perfectly.

So. I adore this game. Lately its been mostly what I play for single player experiences. I hope soon more people update, or take interest in the multiplayer. I want to test my wings!

Also I usually wouldn't be so brazen. But you guys work so fast and take input so well, any chance maybe we could see some strafing of frontlines or trenches?

Just a thought, but I think that'd be a treat :3.
Probably one of, if not the highest quality unofficial title so far. Am VERY VERY Excited to see a Steam version. Hoping it will have crossplay!

I bought my headset on the strength of this game alone and I haven't been disappointed. It's really really good. I just love everything about it from the colours and textures right through to playability.  Would love to see  WW2 version in the future. Great work by the developers.

A WW2 version would be dope! Though I think the whole thing lends itself very well to the open cockpits. 

You’re absolutely right about the open cockpits but just imagine sitting at the controls of a Hurricane. 👍😀


I was thinking a B-17 Fly Fortress! All those gunner positions and the claustrophobic feeling!
And as long as we're dreaming, being able to play Co-Op within a single bomber, would be doooope.

Latency would be a major issue, but imagine if you were the pilot and me and 3 others were gunners on an intense bombing run.  XD
But lets let them perfect this one first, cause it seems like they're willing to do a lot more (Even though they could probably stop here and be justified) :P

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