Update 0.8.1

We are humbled by your reviews, opinions and feedback posted on SideQuest, itch.io, Reddit and YouTube. Thank you for the kind words and constructive criticism.
We have a surprise for you – we’ve now implemented the highly requested Realistic Mode! Enable it in the Settings and feel for yourself how the steering has changed. And yes – you can do barrel rolls and loops! Please let us know what you think.
In version 0.8.1 we also introduced a Comfort Mode – use a slider to reduce field of view that helps reduce motion sickness experienced by some players.
We are waiting for your comments and stay tuned for the next update!

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I purchased the full game and now find that I can’t fly inverted and I can’t crash into the ground...I just bounce. This is unlike the demo. The comfort setting is off with no change. Am I missing some setting somewhere? The demo was uninstalled before installing the full version...

What does the full paid non demo version include ? The demo is terrific.

A full campaign for the Germans that uses procedurally created missions (unlimited), another campaign (triple entente) for the allies (in development).  A lot more planes, maps and missions types.

I’m one who believes that they offer great value at $10 USD


The new update 0.8.1 has made this the best and most realistic flight simulator available for the Ocula Quest 2 in my opinon, Great job keep up the good work.

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Thank You for such a quick implementation of the realistic physics.

If I could only suggest to make the speed of plane lose faster when climbing up and making the stall ( when the speed of the plane reaches low levels, then the plane nose dives down) easier to achieve.

It would be great to have more limitations in climbing up and fighting for the altitude to not stall.

Also I noticed that enemy planes fly over balloons and enemy ships sail over land, but should be easy to fix.

It seems that there are no pilots inside enemy planes.

Other than that the changes are great.

I was amazed that You don't advertise the game as having procedural generated missions as it gives bug replayability factor that people often are looking for.  Please allow snap rotation with joystick when walking over base.

I am rating this game 9/10 and would recommend it to any Quest 2 owner. Can't believe how good the graphics on mobile VR can be.

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Played the demo and it was nice. With the realistic mode its sooo much better. Insta bought the full game. Good work. I hope landing will be incorporated (maybe including take-off) this will be much fun (even with damaged plane) this would also hugely affect gameplay in a good way. Doing a mission from start to finish. (t/o & landing). Include a compass (magnetic of course) or just tag your landing base (s). 

Need to play more when i played for 8 hours or more I will give more feedback. 

So far this game is rated by me as 9/10!!! I was waiting for good quest games to buy in oculus store but this one is so nice as good or even better then a lot of games in quest store. If you like flying game its a no brainer. It is no simulation game. Low level flying game in that matter. But its fun, immersive and really good. 
Since the size of this game is below 200MB currently there good be much more implemented (maps,landing,take-off,campaign mode in which bases are lost and won [sort of risk game to capture bases /  land) etc. etc.  We will see. 

Fun, nice graphics a must buy!!!